With over 20 years of technical architecture, engineering, operations, and security experience, HazarDSec LLC provides companies expert guidance and assistance designing, creating, and implementing security programs, services, and capabilities. In addition, HazarDSec LLC offers application security assessment services and other services as outlined below.

Secure DevOps Architecture & Engineering

As developers and operations move faster and faster together in creating and deploying new applications and features, many security organizations are left behind with outdated and cumbersome security and compliance processes and procedures. HazarDSec LLC can help your security organization define and execute a strategy to automate, integrate, and streamline the security of your development lifecycle.

Vulnerability Management Architecture & Engineering

Many organizations are still struggling to successfully manage vulnerabilities, especially as containers and Cloud make more traditional vulnerability (VM) management processes and tools less effective. HazarDSec LLC offers services to help your organization identify and fix the problems that are plaguing your organization and preventing you from successfully managing vulnerabilities. In addition, HazarDSec LLC can help you understand how newer more dynamic infrastructure and applications can help vs. hinder your VM efforts.

Cloud Security Architecture & Engineering

Whether security is in the know or not, most organizations are leveraging the Cloud today. How is managing and addressing security in the Cloud different from traditional security strategy and architecture? What Cloud-native capabilities are available to help? What additional Cloud-specific risks exist? HazarDSec LLC can help you define your Cloud security strategy or can help you engineer solutions to support your organization’s existing strategy.

ServiceNow Architecture & Engineering

HazarDSec LLC has designed and implemented integration between the ServiceNow Security Operations Vulnerability Response application and all supported VM tools (e.g. Qualys, Tenable, Rapid7) including creating custom workflows, data integrations, business rules, and reports. Gain additional context and streamline your remediation processes by integrating and correlating your VM data with your asset inventory, knowledge base, and log data while providing a capability to assign and track the work. HazarDSec LLC also offers design, development, and troubleshooting services for other features within ServiceNow.

Web Application Penetration Testing

Some vulnerabilities cannot be identified with existing automated tools. Manual testing can help organizations identify flaws in business logic, authentication, authorization, and other critical component and features. In addition, manual testing can help validate and quantify the risk associated with flaws identified by automated tools. HazarDSec LLC offers manual web application penetration testing services to assist organizations identify and understand these risks.

Manual Code Review

How many of your developers understand security enough to properly review and validate your high-risk code? How many of your security engineers understand code enough to properly review and validate your high-risk code? HazarDSec LLC can help bridge this gap and review your high-risk code and coding libraries for security flaws.

Data Analytics & SQL Query Optimization

Are you struggling to understand your security data? Is your reporting and metrics generation struggling to keep up with the vast amounts of data that is being generated by your organization. HazarDSec LLC can help you identify the key reports and metrics you need to manage your organization’s security and optimize the queries and processes used to generate those reports and metrics.


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"David helped us through a difficult ServiceNow Vulnerability Response implementation where various vendor integrations were not working as they should and was able to work around a variety of issues to complete the project."

- Chris A.